• Take Command

  • Lead To Victory

  • 30 Servings

  • 27G Per Serving

BLITZKRIEG® Means “LIGHTENING WAR” to best describe the effect that this amazing formula has on your workout. Blitzkrieg® is a military tactic first described in the 1800’s, which recognized that victory could come only through forceful and swift action. Like the blitzkrieg strategy employed by famous generals throughout history, Blitzkrieg® pre-workout will power you to victory.

  • Vascular Pumps*
  • Intense Adrenaline*
  • Lightning Focus*
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    The ingredients in Blitzkrieg® meet or exceed the highest US and European standards. BLITZKRIEG® PRE-WORKOUT delivers a revolutionary blend of clinically proven ingredients.What sets Blitzkrieg® apart from our competition is our unique recipe, superior to any other pre-workout product on the market. Blitzkrieg® provides you with the ultimate pump for an intense workout and lean muscle gains. BLITZKRIEG® is by far the most unique, powerful and advanced pre -workout formula.


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